Affirming Mind

7 Day Free Planner & 5 day Power, Purpose, Passion Challenge

It's time to Affirm Yourself Daily.

In this planner: * Receive a Daily Affirmation * Create your Personal Affirmation * List out your Goals * Set your Intention for the Day * Record your Mood * Journal your thoughts  

This is a 7 day planner that will help you formulate your days!  

In addition do the 5 day Power, Purpose, Passion Challenge! This challenge is about purposeful living!  

Let’s ditch distractions and live more intentionally. In this challenge you will receive a new purpose action each day so that you can own your time, instead of feeling owned by it. You’ll also receive a workbook, a journaling prompt, and daily affirmations. Create a space and mindset to live full out in Power, which will lead to your purpose and passion.  

Testimonals: Power.Purpose.Passion Challenge

"I enjoyed taking the time to look within myself and know that flawed does no mean unworthy and that even though at times when I may feel defeated and hopeless I still have power a purpose and a passion! My favorite action step was: self-love. I will uzitilie what I learned by just taking the time out for me and myself." ~ A.J.

"The unique, daily challenges to help better yourself! was my favorite part of the challenge. Declutter was my favorite action step. I will Focus on self-care and try to better myself. Make an intentional effort to think positive and claim I’ll have a good day." ~ Z.T.

"The Challenge was absolutely amazing! Self Love was my favorite action step. I will use it everyday!" ~ Anonymous 

So... are you in?